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Why Do Yoga?

I've been thinking a lot recently about why people do yoga, why I do yoga and what yoga brings me. 15 years ago when I started practicing my focus was getting fit, more toned and flexible. Since becoming a mum the focus has switched to yoga being about time for me, to slow down and be with myself in my body. To calm and still my often anxious mind and to find strength, confidence and understanding of who I am. When I practice yoga my mood is more even and I am able to stay in the moment more easily. Flexibility and fitness is now just a pleasant side effect of yoga for me.

I think sometimes the yoga industry can make the practice feel a little intimidating - like you have to be super flexible and toned or really spiritual to even think about going to a yoga class. This just isn't the case - yoga is absolutely for anybody and everybody and I think more than ever it's a lifeline for busy exhausted mums who just need some time to re-set, physically and mentally.

If you're interested in finding out more I'm running a brand new class just for mums. This session will introduce you to yoga in a gentle and accessible way. The most important aim is to give you time to reset yourself both physically and mentally. We'll gently rebuild strength and energy levels, use breathing exercises to lower stress and promote wellbeing and take some much deserved rest with a guided relaxation. Open to all mums, whatever age your kids are - no flexibility, no energy and no yoga experience needed!

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