Pregnancy Yoga

Suitable from 12 weeks / after your first scan

A wonderful class to help support your mind and  body throughout pregnancy as well as preparation for birth. I practiced yoga during both of my pregnancies and found it so beneficial, making me feel more comfortable as my body grew and changed as well as helping manage my anxiety. I used lots of the postures and breathing techniques through both of my labours which really enabled me to feel calm and in control.  Being pregnant whilst teaching my classes really deepened my experience of creating classes that nourish and support you during this unique time.


The class is a balance of creating strength and energy in the body with time to let go and relax. The sequences help create more space in your ever changing pregnant body with poses designed to ease common pregnancy complaints. Sessions also include helpful postures for labour, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.


Other benefits of pregnancy yoga:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Can improve sleep

  • Helps ease the process of supporting your ever changing body and growing belly

  • Minimises aches and pains

  • Can be supportive in preparation for labour and birth

  • Helps you to connect with your growing baby

  • Helps increase strength and flexibility

  • Focused breath work helps bring much needed oxygen to your baby and your muscles


Classes give you an opportunity to take some time to focus on your own emotional and physical wellbeing whilst bonding with your baby away from the business of day to day life.

Suitable for complete beginners and those more experienced. Different options are given throughout the class so you can take it at your own pace depending on how you're feeling on the day.

DAY - Tuesday

TIME - 6.15pm-7.15pm

LOCATION  - Alf & Co. Plains Road, Mapperley

PRICE  £51 for 6 sessions*, £10 drop in 

*Classes run in blocks but if we are midway through a block and there is a space, you're welcome to join for the remaining sessions and the price will be adjusted accordingly.