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Spring is in the air!

I'm feeling pretty optimistic at the moment. Spring is in the air with the sun making more of an appearance and fresh little flowers popping out of the ground. I always love the change of the seasons - it reminds me that things are always changing, nothing is permanent and helps me flow with this beautiful journey called life!

March is one of my favourite months - partly because it's the start of Spring which is so welcomed after a long hard Winter, especially this year with what we've all been through and continue to go through with Covid. It's also my birthday and this year a big one!!!! I'm actually feeling okay about turning the big 4-0 and looking forward to celebrating lockdown style!! After last year being such a challenge I feel I have so much to be grateful for and there are positives times ahead for us all.

March is also home to International Women's Day and Mother's Day... because my main aim with my business is to support mums through the challenging but exciting journey into and through motherhood, I wanted to share some love and gift to everyone a free class of your choice. There are no strings attached just a gift from me to you to celebrate all that you are and all that you do . An opportunity to take some time out from the day to day to focus on yourself.

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