Yoga for Mums

Open to all mums with children of any age

Being a mum is so rewarding on so many levels but as a mum of 2 I understand how all consuming it can be at times. I'm passionate about encouraging mums to see the importance of taking guilt free (!) time for themselves. When we do this we become the best version of ourselves and the best mum we can be. 

This feminine class is a great way to take some much deserved time for yourself to gently rebuild strength, nourish yourself both physically and mentally and take some much deserved time to relax. Sessions offer a nurturing space to help restore your energy levels, feel more at ease in your body and support recovery from both birth and day to day mothering!

I'll guide you through different postures to help relieve achy muscles, we'll also focus on deep breathing exercises and slowly restoring the core and pelvic floor muscles. Each session will end with a lovely long relaxation to help you rest and replenish. Have some blankets and cushions on hand to get nice and cosy.


Other Benefits of Yoga

  • Supports your physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Can help to regain hormonal balance

  • Helps to reduce stress levels

  • Ease your body back into yoga/exercise safely way

  • Gain a sense of support and community

This class is just for Mum's to allow you some time for yourself. Hopefully someone will be on hand to attend to your baby / children for the duration of the class. If this is not possible you are of course still welcome to join and dip in and out as needed.

Open to all Mums with children of any age. If you've recently had a baby you'll need to wait at least 6 weeks post birth if you've had a straight forward vaginal delivery or 12 weeks if you've had a c-section or any assistance / intervention.

DAY - Wednesday 

TIME - 7.30pm-8.30pm

LOCATION  - Online via Zoom



£35 for 5 sessions (can be taken over 7 weeks)

£65 for 10 sessions (can be taken over 14 weeks)

£8.50 drop in single ticket