Mummy & Me Yoga

Suitable from crawling to 3 years.  



This unique class blends yoga, play and relaxation for a unique and enjoyable experience for you and your little one. 

STRETCH Together

PLAY Together

RELAX Together


We use different yoga stretches and songs that tie into the theme for the class.  Class themes include Transportation, Colours & Shapes, Space, Weather, Garden & ABC.


Moving babies and toddlers are learning to navigate the world in a different way. Yoga together is not only fun, but helps connection, as separation anxiety can sometimes peak in this phase. It also helps promote a healthy body from a young age, supports co-ordination and gives little ones an appropriate way to move & navigate their space.


Your little one can also enjoy games to support their social development and age appropriate breathing exercises to introduce them to calming and self regulation techniques from a young age. 

You'll also enjoy nourishing yoga sequences to give you some much deserved 'you' time. These simple sequences will help ease aches and pains, gently energise and support your emotional wellbeing. For this part of the class some fiddle toys will be available to help distract the movers!

The final part of the class is relaxation where we'll have some bubbles, lights and then time for a cuddle and relaxation together, even if this in a more active way!


Anything goes in this class, chaos is good! Your babies and toddler are free to move around the room as they want to - no need to stay put on your mat. Just come, relax, have fun and enjoy having some time for yourself and some time together. 

DAY -  Monday (classes run in blocks)

TIME - 10.15am-11.15am

LOCATION  -Alf & Co, 23 Plains Road, Mapperley, Nottingham, NG3 5LG

PRICE - £51 for 6 sessions*

*Classes run in blocks but if we are midway through a block and there is a space, you're welcome to join for the remaining sessions and the price will be adjusted accordingly. Drop in tickets are also released once the block has launched if there is space available.